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Apostrophe s

The English apostrophe s and s apostrophe cause a lot of problems, even for native speakers. This lesson's task is to help you learn about possessives and contractions that need apostrophes and plurals that don't.

Could have vs Could of

The phrase could have refers to something that was possible but did not occur in the past. In informal speech, it is contracted to could've, not could of.

Introduction to contractions

A contraction is a word created by combining two words, removing one or more letters, and replacing them with an apostrophe.

Its vs It’s

These two English words are very often used incorrectly by native speakers. It's important that you understand the difference.

Should have vs Should of

The phrase should have indicates a missed obligation or opportunity in the past. In informal speech, it is contracted to should've, not "should of."

Their, There, They’re

What's the difference between their, there, and they're? They're really not that complicated; once you understand their differences, there shouldn't be any more confusion.

Who’s vs Whose

Who knows the difference between who's and whose? Here's a lesson whose time has come.

Would have vs Would of

The conditional perfect, would have, refers to a missed opportunity in the past. In informal speech, it contracts to would've, not "would of."

Your vs You’re

What's the difference between your and you're? Your presence on this page means you're about to find out.