Many items that we buy come in containers. Containers may have a specific name depending on their shape and the material they are made of.

In this lesson, learn the vocabulary for various containers and click on each link to listen to the sound file. Below, find the same vocabulary with corresponding photos.

Theses are the names of some common materials used to make containers:

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Here are images that show different types of containers.

Bag / Sack – Bag and sack are synonyms.
Some regions of North America tend to use one term more than the other.
canvas carrying bag paper shopping bag plastic bag
bag of flour bag of compost  
Basket – Baskets are often made from woven natural materials including
 grass, wood strips, and reeds. Now, many baskets are also made of plastic.
plastic grass wood strips
grocery basket laundry basket  
glass wine bottle plastic water bottle plastic shampoo bottle
cardboard box box of tissues box of matches
plastic box wooden box  
Bucket / Pail
plastic wood metal
Can – A can refers to a container made of metal. Some of these containers
are now made of plastic but they continue to be referred to as "cans."
garbage cans  
watering can gas can / container  
can of soda can of olives spray can
Carton (paper)
egg carton milk carton carton of cigarettes
glasses case paint set case  
case of beer suitcase CD/DVD case
ice chest    
fruit crate vegetable crate  
manila envelope letter envelope padded envelope
JarJars are only made of glass.
The difference between a bottle and a jar is a bottle has a small mouth.
Usually, the mouth of a jar is the same diameter as the jar itself.
jar of peanut butter glass jar storage jar
plastic (5 liter)    
pack of chewing gum pack of cigarettes  
ceramic glass plastic
Tray – Trays are usually shallow (sides not deep), flat, rectangular containers.
metal cooking tray aluminum cookie tray /
cookie sheet
plastic ice cube tray
wood serving tray plastic paper tray  
tub of ice cream    
TubeTubes are cylindrical and may open at both ends or just one end.
cardboard tube plastic tube of lotion metal toothpaste tube
Other containers
food storage containers trash receptacle /
container / can
container ship  

Other useful vocabulary:

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