About Laura K. Lawless
author of e Learn English Language

I am a native English speaker, born and raised in northern Illinois.

I’ve always had a knack for language. In addition to studying French and Spanish in high school, I took a ridiculous number of English classes, including literature, composition, creative writing, and, of course, grammar (in which I got an A+). Some people are terrified of things like pronouns and parsing sentences, while I not only understand them intuitively, but am very good at breaking them down to help others make sense of them.

I’ve worked as a ghostwriter and proofreader, and have been writing (books and websites) in three languages since 1999.

About my English

English has many variations in grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, and spelling. I am an American from the Midwest, and my English, particularly my pronunciation, will reflect that. However, I moved out of the Midwest in 1993, and have since lived in California, Pennsylvania, Morocco, Costa Rica, France, and Guadeloupe, so my accent is no longer truly Midwest – it is a fairly generic American accent.

As a general rule, keep in mind that everything I say on this site and how I say it refers to English as it is spoken in the United States. Whenever possible, I will also point out terms and pronunciations used in other English-speaking regions, particularly England.

I did the older sound files, but the newer ones were done by a man from Pennsylvania who also has a fairly generic accent.

About my copyright

You can freely link to this website and you can print out lessons for your English classes and personal study. You may not copy any text or graphics to your website without my express written permission.

About my tip jar

I provide these resources to you free of charge and with no expectations of reward. That said, if you’d like to thank me with something tangible, please consider buying me a book or making a donation.

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  1. Aamir
    22 March 2014 at 17:44

    Dear Laura K. Lawless:

    Well this website is informative. I know there are probably 26 dialects in the U.S.A but I am not sure about the accent. How many are they? Just curious about it.


  2. Alejon
    6 June 2014 at 03:45

    Hi Laura K. Lawless,

    Good day to you. I searched in the internet of what is the difference between Either and Neither and this link (http://www.elearnenglishlanguage.com/blog/english-mistakes/either-and-neither/) appears first during my search. I was fascinated on how you explain the difference, you explained it very clearly and I absolutely understand all of them. I want to sharpened and learned more about English . I just want to ask if I can have a soft-copy of every tutorial you have from A – Z (http://www.elearnenglishlanguage.com/blog/category/learn-english/) EITHER a PDF file or HTML file. Thank you so much in advance.


    • lkl
      6 June 2014 at 06:55

      Hi Alejon, happy to know my lesson helped! I can’t provide you with a file of all my lessons, but you can save them individually from my site (or just look at them online).

  3. Lee
    25 June 2014 at 10:33

    what a lovely website, it’s definitely one i’ll keep coming back and referring my friends to! i’ve got a suggestion for you – how about the difference between “sensual” and “sensuous”? i only ask because i once got into a misunderstanding about this and i’m sure others have as well!

  4. Linda
    28 February 2015 at 14:28

    In regard to your having been “raised in northern Illinois,” unless I am mistaken, I think that you “rear” children and “raise” corn.

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